Feature Writer: Stulldemon666

Feature Title: After The Mass

Published: 27.06.2014 /

Story Codes: Religious themes

Author Notes:  The desecrated bibles? They get wrapped up in multiple layers of Ziploc bags and stored away — continuing to rot but not getting anything else messy (or smelly). Sometimes I take one out after it’s been sitting for a while (like, for several years!). What a rush! The stink is goddamn amazing — I wish I could bottle it! Hey — maybe I could! I could carve out little, “Cubes,” of shitty, piss, blood, and cum-stained bible pages and sell them on the internet. When I open up one of these rotting bibles, the demons circle (cuz they just luv that stink!) and begin their dance. This scene, of course, makes my dick rock hard and, for relief, I usually jerk off again into the rotting pages of the x-tian’s little “holy” book. Fuck God. Fuck Christ. Fick the Virgin Whore. Fuck them all. Hail Satan. Oh yesssssssssss …

After The Mass

After the service I hid out in the bathroom in what’s called the Undercroft (where they have Sunday School). It is directly under the church and the bathroom area happens to be directly under the altar. I hid in the boys’ bathroom. I came there to meet my partner in crime.

She knew what I was going to do (you know, shit and cum in my pants during the mass) and was worried that I would be caught. If I didn’t get caught, we set up a plan to meet each other after the service in the Undercroft to talk about what happened. I heard someone coming. They spoke out in a loud whisper …

“I smell your fucking shit you demon fucker!”

It was Dragonwitch.

She said, “Well, how was it?”

I told her how fucking demonic and hot I felt during the whole act. How I was so high and so fucking turned on that I nearly passed out.

“Well I hope you still have some energy left — look what I brought you,” she pulled out a new King James from K-Mart (they only cost $6.99), “What do you want to do with that?”

I asked my demon friend knowing full well what she wanted to do with it.

“I want to wipe off your shitty ass with the words of Christ, you devil fucker — you know the pages with red writing on them. Pull down your shitty pants and bend over, cuz after I clean off your smelly little shitty ass, we’re gonna fuck our brains out right here in the middle of the Sunday School.”

This was Dragonwitch.

My totally hot little demon bitch. I bent over and pulled down my smelly panty hose and my shitty depends. With a wicked grin on her hot little devil face, she began ripping out the pages with the red writing on them. She wasn’t just wiping my ass, she was wiping my ass and sticking the ripped out pages of the bible up my ass as she wiped. She too, knew that the stink of shit was the sweet perfume of the demons that now encircled our post-Sunday School Blasphemy session.

It was around Christmas time and there was a manger scene set up nearby.

“OK, you’re clean. Cleaner at least. But hold on a minute.”

She went over to the manger and pulled the little baby Jesus figurine out of his crib.

“Can I stick his little head up your ass?”

Could she? Ha! Of course. Of course she could. Dragonwitch sodomized my ass with the baby Jesus figurine for about fifteen minutes. He was about four inches long. Sometimes she went in head first, sometimes feet first. One time baby Jesus went in so far, I thought she wouldn’t be able to get him out! Imagine having to go to the hospital with a baby Jesus figurine stuck up your smelly ass!

She pumped that baby in and out of my shit-slippery hole. All the while she had her other hand reached around to my rock-hard demon cock and was jerking like mad — stopping only periodically to put spit on her hand for a smooth slide up and down my stiff dick.

“Okay, enough. Now put my ass up on the children’s altar and fuck my wet cunt until I tell you to stop goddammit!”

No problem, I thought. I hoisted her hot, tight little ass up onto the children’s altar and stood up on a metal folding chair so that my dick and her cunt were at the same level. As I started fucking her she took the wooden kiddy cross that sat on the altar into her hands and started rubbing it all over her tits.

Oh my God — did this make my dick even harder! She then put the tip of the cross in her hot little demonic mouth and made that, “Scrunch,” demon look with her eyes and forehead. Scrunch. Goddammit.

“Do you like fucking my hot little cunt while I’m rubbing this cross all over my hard nipples?”

Did she have to ask? She would get spit on the tip of the cross and then bring it down ever so slowly across her hard nipples. She would lick her nipple and then rub the cross against it. She just kept going back and forth from tit to tit. Licking the cross. Rubbing it. Licking it. Rubbing it. This was way too much to bear.

I knew she hadn’t cum yet but I couldn’t hold it in. Knowing I was ready to explode.

“Pull out — cum on this,” she said.

sShe wrapped my squirting cock in the remnants of the KJ Bible like a hot dog in a bun. I squirted onto the pages and out the other end onto her tits!

“Sorry — I couldn’t hold it in.”

“Don’t worry — I’ll finish up.”

She then did something that is such a turn on for me. She took the cross and gently started rubbing it against her clit. The rubbing became harder and harder. I was smacking her tits with the bible while she had both her hands on the cross and had the tip of the cross in her wet cunt.

We were locked in this for what seemed to be a half an hour. I was starting to get afraid that people might hear us but she told me not to worry — it was Sunday afternoon and everyone had left the church. Except us demonic demon fuckers downstairs in the Sunday School! I love fucking Dragonwitch. She fucking rocks.

Finally she let out a loud “Fuck Jesus Christ Goddammit,” as she jammed the cross into her cunt.

Wet creamy ooze leaked out all over the fair linen on the little altar. We did our best to clean ourselves off and made plans for next Sunday.