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Published: 08.04.2010 & 20.05.2010
Feature Title: A Forgotten Place /
Story Codes: Transgender, Demon /
Synopsis: Woman wakes up, having forgotten everything /


A Forgotten Place

Chapter 1 – Imperfect Introductions

‘I don’t know how I got here … or who I am for that matter. All I know is … I’m lost in a strange place, all alone … and yet I’m not scared.’

I woke up about ten minutes ago with a wicked headache. I’m not hurt at all, no cuts or bruises, but my head is killing me. I woke up lying down in a field of grass is some meadow that could be taken right out of a work of art. It’s so picturesque! Rolling hills, the grass swaying with the breeze, I feel at ease here … where ever I am.

“Well … I can’t stay here forever, it’s bound to get dark sometime so I better find some shelter … and hopefully someone who can tell me who I am.”

I don’t remember a thing, not how I got here, not anything about me, nothing.

I look around not seeing any signs of life beyond plants, not sure which direction to walk either.

“Screw it…” I pick a direction and walk that way. As I walk I take a look at myself. I have a pair of black slacks on, running shoes that look kinda out of style, and a running top on.

‘I must be a runner or was out for a run or something.’

I walk for what seems like hours but the sun barely moves over head, finally I see a house in the distance next to a lake, so I get up to a jog. I make my way over to the house … there’s no one outside. The house is an old fashion wood log cabin, real rustic, kinda cozy. It’s only 1 level and probably someone’s cottage. I don’t want to be a peeping tom or anything but I want to find out what’s going on, so I peak inside the window.

I look to my right, it’s an iron stove like they had in the 1700’s, a fireplace beside it, a wooden table with four chairs around it.

‘They must be nature buffs or something.’

I hear some noises to my right so I take a look.

‘Oh my God!’ I whisper to myself. There’s 2 women having sex on a bed, but … one of them isn’t exactly a woman, she has a penis … a big one too. I hide in the corner of the window so they don’t notice me. They are going at it like there’s no tomorrow, the one that’s not actually a girl has … I don’t know what you’d call it … it looks like she has horns growing out the sides of her head. They are like 3 inches long and have a curve in each of them. The actual woman has … elf like ears, long and pointy. The elf girl is on her back and getting fucked hard, the bed rocking. The noise I heard was from the bed squeaking and the two moaning softly. I … I’m a bit turned on by this but I gotta stop watching this/

‘What the fuck is going on? I must have hit my head pretty hard. I must be dreaming.’ I try to clear my head, this just can’t be happening. But it is, right before my eyes these two … people are having sex and I can’t take my eyes off them.

‘Ok, I gotta wake up.’ I pull my face away from the window and try to make sense out of what’s going on.

“I’m crazy, it’s simple as that … or I’m dreaming.” I walk away from the house making sure the two don’t see or hear me.

“What the hell am I going to do?” The noise coming from the house stops and I freeze.

‘Uh oh, did they see me?’ I move away from the house some more and wait. A minute goes by … nothing. A few more minutes … nothing. I think I’m in the clear then the elf woman steps out of the house wearing a white long sleeve top and a long black skirt.

‘Umm … umm … what do I do.’ She looks around and spots me, she smiles and walks towards me.

‘God! Please tell me she didn’t see me.’

“Hello.” She says in a soft pleasant voice.

“Um … Hi.”

“Are you lost? We don’t get many visitors around here.” She says getting closer to me.

‘She must not have seen me.’

“Well … actually I am sorta lost.”

“Where were you trying to get to?”

“Uhmm…” She notices the weird look I have on my face.

“What’s your name dearie?”

“My name …?” She gives me a weird look now.

“Do you not know your own name?”

I explain my situation to her, how I just woke up, and how I don’t know where I am or who I am.

“Well that is a problem. But from the look of your clothes I can say for sure you aren’t from around here dearie.” It’s true, everything around here seems so old fashioned, my clothes look brand new, and the fact I’m talking to a big busted elf with purple hair doesn’t help either. She walks us over to the house but stops near the door.

“Let’s get you inside, but I’ll have to make sure my friend is decent first, just wait here.” I wait as she goes in and opens the door a moment later, curling her finger for me to walk in. the woman … man … devil lady is dressed in a tight grey top showing off her massive boobs and wearing the same kinda skirt, long and black.

“Hello, I’m Devina.” The devil lady says in a very feminine voice.

“Oh, where are my manners? I’m Myuria.”

“Um … nice to meet you both.” Devina is a little taller than Myuria but both are taller than me, not by much though. The Devina chick sits down at the table and crosses her legs.

“So how is it that you got yourself all the way out here?” So I tell her my story so far.

“Hmm … Well you can stay the night of course. We’ll take you to town in the morning. Hopefully someone there will recognize you.”

“Thank you.” While I was telling Devina my story Myuria was cooking up something on the iron stove … some sort of stew, she serves it in wooden bowels with wooden spoons.

After dinner I compliment then on their hospitality, the stew was alright, I’ve had better before. The put me on a cot set aside for visitors and they head to bed after dinner. I have an uneasy sleep, tossing and turning all night.

‘I guess this isn’t a dream … causer I would have woken up by now. Where am I? What happened to me? Am I ever going to get home? … Where is home?’

I wake up with the sun, I couldn’t bear it shinning directly onto my face … I’m am SO not a morning person … doubt they have coffee either. But I get up and go out side to the lake

‘A splash of water should help.’ The cool water hitting my face does the job, it’s still not coffee … but it will do. As the water ripples calm down I get a look at my face … I look normal, normal human ears, normal nose, blue eyes … blonde hair … you know, normal. I hear someone walking up behind me and I see Myuria’s reflection in the water.

“Sleep well?” She asks with a smile.

“I slept well enough. Thank you.”

“I’m sorry you had to sleep on that cot. I’ve been trying to get Devina to add onto the house for guests … especially since we want to have children some day.” My eyebrows raise up a little.

“So you two are … a couple?”

“Yes, we’ve been together for almost 10 years now.”

“I must be new to this area in general … are there more like Devina around?”

“Oh yes.”

“And more like yourself?”

“Mmm hmm.” She nods yes.

“Her kind – Devil folk and my kind – elves make up almost all of the people in this province. There are a few other kinds of people … but I’ve never seen any one like yourself … I’ sorry to say.”

‘No one like me … perhaps I’m in a coma or something?’

“It … It’s ok Myuria … I’m sure I’ll find someone who knows me in town.”

“I have friends in town, I’m sure I can get you a place to stay if no one knows you, we’ll go from there dearie.”

“Thank you again Myuria.” She smiles again and heads back inside. I put my hands on my ears and then my face …

‘No one like me…’


Chapter 2 – A hot night in town … and a new friend?

Both Myuria and Devina walked me into town and we looked around for a few hours. The trip here took most of the morning and searching took up until dusk. We head for Myuria’s friends house. One thing I’ve noticed, even in this town. The level of technology of these people is like the renaissance or something, they have swords and shields, suits of armor, horses, brick houses … It’s like I’m in some kind of cartoon. Most of the people I’ve seen here are like Myuria and Devina, and yet … all women. I pull Myuria aside for a moment because I NEED to know.

“Myuria …?”

“Yes.” I pull her aside so no one can hear us.

“Umm … do you have any men in your society?”

“Yes … Devina is male.”

“But she looks female.” She gives me a confused looks then she must remember that I’m not from around here.

“Bother Devil folk and Elves have males and females … the only difference being what’s between their legs.”

“… Oh.”

“Is it different with your kind?”

“Sort of…” We rejoin Devina.

“Well … it looks like there’s no room here, guess we’ll have to get rooms at the inn.” Devina tells us, not that I mind an inn.

We head to the inn, me fallowing Myuria and Devina. We get two rooms, they give me a key and they go to their room, which is right next to mine. I’m pretty tired from all the walking I’ve done so I take a seat on the bed and just relax. The walls are pretty thin here so I can hear Myuria and Devina next door. They are chatting then I hear some silence … then some moaning.

‘I shouldn’t … I really shouldn’t … but…’ My inner desires get the better of me. I press my ear against the wall. I can hear them having sex … the sound of flesh bumping against flesh. The sounds of moaning, groaning, and the squeaking of the bed. I’m getting all hot.

‘I … I gotta see! I can’t just walk in. is there any way I can see from inside the room?’ I look around and I think I see a spot, it’s a small crack in the wall … I look through. Perfect, a clear view to their bed. Myuria is on her back again as Devina thrusts her large penis inside her. It’s strangely erotic seeing two women having sex like this. I kneel down cause it’s an awkward position for me. I watch and Devina flips Myuria over so they are doing it doggy style. Devina’s huge breasts swinging with each stroke.

‘I’m getting all wet.’

My eyes close, the sounds of sex fuel my imagination. My mind puts me in Myuria’s place, getting fucked from behind. My hand pushes it’s way past my pants and underwear. It stops at my crotch and rubs.

“Ohh…” I whimper, trying my hardest to keep my voice down, but it’s a struggle. My finger grazes against my clit and i shiver with excitement.

“…” I bite my lip and rub my clit.

“Yess… Mmn…”I rub myself more and more until i come, but it’s not enough.

“More … I want more…” I push a finger inside.”

“Oh!” That was a little louder, hopefully no one heard me. I finger myself, letting out little whines and heavy panting as i do it.

I stop quickly when i hear a scratching at the window.

“What the hell?!” I pull my pants back up and go over to the window. I pull the curtains apart.

“Jesus!” I jump back. There’s this … giant … ‘bug’ at the window. It’s got the winds of a dragon fly but … wait, it has the body of a human, just tiny.

“W, what … are you?” It’s the one scratching the window.

“Looks like it’s trying to say something…” I open the window and it flies in quickly.

“Shut the window, quick!” It says. Unsure of why … I still do it. It flies over to the bed and sets down.

“Thanks … you saved me.” I look a little closer … it’s a woman… kinda.

“Uh … you’re welcome.”

“Stupid birds … always chasing me, thinking i’m an easy meal.”

“…” She looks like what we’d call a pixie or a faerie or something. She’s about 9 inches tall, big see through wings. This is one screwed up place. She catches her breath the starts to talk again.

“Where are my manners? My name is Jessica …”

“Hi Jessica …. Um … what ARE you?”

“Me? Haven’t you seen a pixie before? I know we’re rare, but you must have seen one before.”

“Umm … no. I’m not exactly from here.”

“Yeah, I notice it now … you have these weird ears. What’s your name?”

“I don’t remember.”

“You don’t remember your own name?” I tell Jessica about myself, how I got here, my new friends, and how I can’t remember squat.

We chat for a little while then I get sleepy so i go to bed, she lies down on the other pillow and drifts off herself. When I wake up she’s already up and fluttering about.

“Oh your up. Your friends have already been here looking for you, Myuri and Devina…”

“Where did they go? They went to bring you some food.”

“Thanks…” I get up and wash my face off. Just as i finish Myuria comes in and hands both me and Jessica some food.

“Thank you.” Jessica says.

“I’m sorry to say, but Devina and I have to move on.”

“Something wrong?” I ask.

“Yes, Devina’s sister is quite sick, so we are going to go see her and take care of her until she’s better. I’m sorry that we couldn’t help you any more.”

“It’s alright, you’ve been amazing Myuria. Thank Devina for me.”

“I will, and good luck.” Myuria turns around and leaves … I’m a bit sad, the only friends I can remember … just left.

“Where do I go from here?”

“I can help you. Well … at least to my home town anyway.”

“Thank you … Jessica.”


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