Feature Writer: AmethystMare /
Feature Title: A Demoness is Born /
Story Codes: Erotic Horror /

Synopsis: This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially. /



A Demoness is Born

“Fuck me…”

Fyr moaned into her husband’s mouth as he fucked her on their marriage bed, no one else on the ranch but them. Their bodies rocked and ground together as she hitched her legs up around his waist, trying to force him to push his uncut cock even deeper inside her, heels digging into his buttocks. But the demon cougar with pale, glowing eyes, wasn’t about to let the dragoness call the shots, eyes roaming her crimson scales and following the lines of her yellow stripes with a low, commanding purr.

Yes… He was definitely the one in control and any effort she made to pull it back into her claws was futile at best and a mockery at worst. She was his and the dragoness knew it too, whimpering against his neck as she tucked her head down, shivering and panting with his cock driving so wonderfully up into her, each and every stroke he made bottoming out inside her needy cunt.

It should have been perfect, a perfect moment. And yet it was not – although not for the reasons that one may have suspected, knowing the nuances of their sordid, turbulent relationship.

But something was wrong. Well, not quite wrong, per se, but different. Yes, definitely different. Her scales tingled as if she was at the point of climax, although they had only just begun fucking and there was no possible way she was ready to orgasm yet.

Confused, the dragoness twisted beneath him but Ropes only snaked his tentacles around her wrists with such ease that the action came off as lazy, so little effort did he have to expend in order to keep her just where he wanted her.

“Don’t want you to get away from me and this now…”

She would have asked what he meant but his lips, once again, pressed to hers, driving her tongue back into her maw as he claimed her mouth. Her longer, slenderer tongue didn’t have the control or the power to snake around his and she allowed him to bear her back into the bed, the lingering glow of sunset shining through the cracked open window. The springs creaked beneath them, hips working to drive into her, spearing into her pussy over and over again as the dragoness hissed wantonly and tried to rock her hips back up into each and every one of his thrusts.

There was nothing she could do against his power and stamina, however, scales prickling as she moaned, quivering beneath him.

But the uneasiness was still there and the dragoness squirmed, stretching her wings shakily out to either side of her body. Did they feel different? Fragile? Shaky? Was she coming down with something? It was hard to cling onto any singular question at a time as her husband fucked her but she tried to eye up her wings out of her peripheral vision all the same, yelping into the cougar’s mouth as her mind finally caught up with what her body was experiencing.

Golden fire. That was the only way she could describe what seared along her wings, tingling without any sense of pain as the edges flared raggedly, holes appearing in her wings without affecting their ability to scoop and shape the air around her. Not that anthro dragons could fly, of course, but she abruptly felt so very much lighter, Ropes’ shaft still pounding her for all he was worth, that it was almost as if she could actually fly, breaking the kiss with a sharp gasp.

A string of saliva connected their lips for the briefest of moments as Ropes snarled, pinning her down with the full weight of his body, writhing and twisting as if she actually was going to buck him off. And that should not have been possible either, her husband so much stronger than her as the fire teased down her wings, rimming each hole and ragged edge with a touch of deeper gold that lingered and set into the leathery membranes. She hissed through her teeth, tongue falling out of her muzzle, and slapped her tail into the bed, heaving herself up against her lover and demon sweetheart as he hungrily raked her body with his gaze.

It was all she could do not to rip her arms away from his tentacles – would that even be possible? – and Fyr snapped furiously, eyes glowing as they turned as gold as the lick of royalty on her wings, the stripes on her sides taking on a more luxurious hue, slashed as they were across her scales. The frills on either side of her head were not spared either as they ruffled at the edges, drawing in the eye of her mate as they became beautifully dog-eared; one could hardly have simply called them ragged as gold took over her body.

Changes… The dragoness rocked her hips up as her tail lengthened further, the tip flaring up with just a hint of that fire too. But the fire did not cling to the tip of her tail like some monster out of a video game she’d seen her brother obsessed with some time ago, but trailed up the length of it and all the way up her spine without even threatening to burn the bed, leaping and crackling as if it was consuming something to burn – but what? The dragoness groaned, her orgasm rising, but it was, for once, not something at the forefront of her mind as her claws lengthened too, sharpening to deadly points.

“Now…” Ropes purred, pushing himself back with his weight on his forearms. “Now this is more like I was talking about… Sasha was right.”

Fyr shuddered. Sasha? Just what was he doing bringing her mother into things? She didn’t have a chance to ask, however, as orgasm ripped unexpectedly through her, the dam breaking as she roared and twisted, ripping her arms free with a strength that most certainly had not been hers before. The cougar snarled, eyes flashing, but could not hold her down as she bucked and heaved, breasts rolling with each and every breath she dragged into her lungs. The dragoness was but a slave to her own climax as the changes ripped through her, sealing true in the beauty of her climax.

It may not have been so much of a physical transformation in her ascension to demonhood but anyone in the know knew what her golden eyes symbolized, the dragoness’ breath roiling with heat as she came down from her high, pussy squeezing and rippling around her husband’s shaft as the demon himself fought for some semblance of control, fur matted and wild with sweat.

One said that a mortal’s body may change for having a demon as a mate but not quite in the beautifying way that hers had gone, the fire rippling with heat and yet without the semblance of burning, although she knew in the center of her being that she’d be able to use it as much as a weapon as Ropes used his tentacles if the need called for it. Her body was not quite designed for her husband, but the body of a true demoness did not brand itself for one demon and one demon alone, simply making her the creature she’d always been inside and simply not realized.

Groaning, Fyr arched her back, luxuriously stretching out muscles that, surprisingly, were not even sore as her husband panted heavily, jaws open and black lips gleaming with the faintest hint of spittle. He made no pretense of holding her down in position anymore – not that the dragoness would have tried to escape him anyway – and merely supported his weight over her, hips rocking lightly as he continued to, rather gently for him, take his own pleasure from her body.

Yet she needed more.

“Is that all you got?” She purred, the sound laced with a crackle of fire. “Why don’t you fuck me like you mean it, Ropes, or have you forgotten how a dragoness needs to be taken?”

For, even though she was something more, far more, than she had been, she was still the submissive dragoness that was his wife too and she howled as he flung her over, assisting him by rolling onto all fours. Heaving a breath, her tail cracked out, rippling with flame, and Ropes slammed up to her backside, cock sinking home in a single thrust.


No one could have said just who cried out first, the demons rocking and grinding together with so much passion that it would have completely and utterly overwhelmed a plain mortal, Ropes’ fingers harmlessly sliding through the ridge of flame running down her spine. He didn’t seem surprised by it, however, but perhaps even more aroused, slipping his fingers around to squeeze and caress her breasts. He was rougher than usual and that excited her further, the dragoness slamming her buttocks back onto his cock over and over again as if she simply couldn’t get enough of him.

“More!” She whined, although there was lust ringing through her tone too, a plaintive, submissive rasp. “Fuck me… Fuck me so fucking hard!”

It was so unlike her to swear and the cougar hissed through his teeth, fangs sinking home in the back of her neck. Although she had no scruff for him to bite into, her scales were now more than tough enough to take the mating bite of a demon and he drove into her like a creature possessed, tentacles writhing and whipping about with enough raw force that they stirred up their air around their fervently moving bodies.

His climax could not be denied, however, Ropes hammering and pounding her pussy even as he spurred her on over the edge into a long, drawn out orgasm that seemed to stretch on and on, flaring out through her body as the flames flickering and danced with a hidden fuel. The dragoness moaned and cried out, clawing at the bed as she tore through the sheets, not even noticing the destruction she was causing as orgasm ripped through her. Her husband drove in brutally, balls pulling up ever so slightly in that heartbeat of a moment just before climax, filling her with spurt after spurt of thick, feline seed. Each hot jet splattered into her pussy, soaking her and filling her to the brim as he let out a feral roar against the back of her neck, lips pulling up and away from his teeth as he released his lust in the best way he knew how.

Languishing in heated submission beneath her husband, the newly transformed demoness moaned, letting him pin her hips down into the bed as his load drooled out thickly, forced out by the length of his driving shaft. He was neither too large nor too small for her, their bodies finally seeming to fit together as perfectly as they should have right from the very beginning, her tail lazily snaking back around his thigh as if she was suddenly struck by the possessive in the heat and drama of the moment.

“My wife…”

Ropes purred as he released her neck, supporting his torso above her on trembling arms as the dragoness moaned and turned her cheek to him, lips parted for breath that simply was nowhere near enough to ease the burning in her lungs. But her whole body was searing through with heat and not just her lungs, arousal driving her on to want more and more, the orgasms she’d had not enough to satisfy a true demoness of blood and lust and fire.

Chuckling breathlessly, she kissed his muzzle, pulling his lips to hers as their tongues tangled wantonly together, although she was most certainly not trying to be the dominant party in their relationship – in no part of it, in fact. She knew where she belonged and the change in her body simply meant that she was better suited to take her husband, the demon able to fuck her as he truly had wanted to do all along.

“Now you are a demoness worthy of being my mate…”

And everything was different.



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